Compared to the U.S.

Madagascar’s government structure and constitution resemble that of the U.S. with some notable distinctions between them. The way the government is structured resembles that with a type of legislative, executive, and judiciary branch. The people within each branch are also typically elected by the people with some notable positions being appointed by officials such as prime minister being appointed by the president. The embassy for the United States was established in 1980 after having the previous U.S. ambassador was kicked out of Madagascar but the U.S. was able to fix the relationship. The current ambassador the U.S. has in Madagascar is Amy Hyatt. She was sent over in July of 2020. In 2009 the coup that established the current constitution for Madagascar scarred the relations with the U.S. because the U.S. didn’t condone the coup causing them to withdraw all non-humanitarian benefits but they restarted after the 2013 election after the U.S. got word that the election was fair and democratic. The United States focuses on helping Madagascar in places such as humanitarian assistance, education and environment.

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