Madagascar has had many ups and downs trying to get a government that worked. Even now they have difficulties maintaining themselves. They are still trying to recover from the economic turmoil they experienced not too long ago. They are trying to make the place better and are supporting of many international organizations trying to make the world better. They wish to support the people who share a continent with them but they also want to help those in other parts of the world in their efforts to make the world better. They left very little room for misunderstanding their rights. They made many articles in their constitution detailing every part of the country in detail. They even made articles that outline parts of the country that aren't government related.

First, Madagascar has lived through economic and political turmoil over the past years. The current government was made through a coup d’état and the constitution was made to bring the new president to power. They stopped receiving non-humanitarian aid from the U.S. after this lowering their economy even further. They were able to regain America’s favor with the elections held a few years later. This has allowed them to start fixing their economy with the additional help America is able to give. They have been persistent and haven’t given up making their country a livable place. They joined with many international organizations to make the world a better place. Making the world better will help making their country better.

Secondly, they are thorough with their constitution. They leave no room for misinterpreting their constitution. The constitution Madagascar has is a total of 168 articles and outlines the different branches their government has and the rights and protections of the people. The constitution even outlines the basic principles of the country. This includes the motto, national anthem, flag and native/official languages. They go into great detail about what each right and protection states and the job of each official in the government. They also detail the way each branch is affected by another. This allows the public know what they can and cannot do and keeps the government official in their line of work.

Lastly, lastly their government structure seems to be similar to that of the United States. Madagascar has a three branch system that almost mimics that of the U.S. The three branches are named different but in the constitution it lists their powers as executive, legislative, and judicial powers. The branch with executive powers upholds the law and the president is the top commander of the military. The legislative branch makes laws and evaluates the actions of the people. The judicial branch rules on cases regarding law and constitution. Here is where one key difference between the judicial branch of the U.S. and Madagascar is. In the U.S. the Supreme Court rules on cases regarding laws as the highest standing court who if reached has final say in the court case while also judging if laws and actions made by government officials is constitutional. In Madagascar these two rolls is split. The Supreme Court there only rules on laws while the High Constitutional Court judges things constitutional.

Overall, Madagascar seems to have taken some notes on government structure from the U.S. From things such as the three branches to the powers each branch has. Even the way the rights of the people were listed seems to be inspired by the U.S. They are trying their best to fix their country from the hardships they’ve endured. They have done a good job of rebuilding the country and make it a better place. Currently with the troubles they are still facing I wouldn’t want to live there. Maybe in the future when they finally stabilize the country it will be a good place to move to. The country has fought hard to make their country a good place and it seems that their efforts are bearing fruit.